Day 20

Today we made a trip to the dump. It wasn’t too bad I suppose. Apparently they turned it into a recycling center. They must have filled the land fill to the max and moved on. I guess recycling is nice.

When we got home I took a nap, I enjoyed my nap. I didn’t really know what to take a picture of today, like I said previously I am running out of ideas. Anything interesting in this apartment I have already taken a picture of.

We made rice krispy treats this evening, with chocolate cereal. They were really good, but almost too chocolatey. I enjoyed eating them much more than making them. Levi had the idea of putting them on a plate so I could take a picture of them. You can see the result of that right up top.

Sometimes I am not really sure if I will be able to finish this project. It has only been 20 days and I am already feeling annoyed and overwhelmed. Maybe we will call it Photography Block. Maybe it will get better tomorrow. I am not really sure. It is supposed to snow this week. That might make for some interesting photos. We will see.