Day 19

I feel like work today lasted way to long. My feet still hurt from standing all day. Todays pictures is of another flower. I liked this picture in color, but at the same time I liked it in black and white as well. I am happy with this picture, and the pictures I have gotten during the last few days. I feel like they are much better quality than the pictures before them. Part of that is I have put more thought into the photos, instead of just rushing them. The other, is that today and yesterday I forced my camera to shoot at ISO 200, to minimize grain; because of this I had to use my tripod both today and yesterday.

Tomorrow Levi and I go to the dump. Once again, I am hoping this will be more exciting than it sounds. I am happy that I can help him with his class work. I am not happy that his professor would expect him to travel to a dump. This is a biology class with a lab, there should not be required trips. That is what the lab is for.