Day 18

I came home tonight to Levi standing in the living room, waiting for me – fully clothed. Usually when I come home he is waiting for me, but he is one of those people who strips down to his underwear as soon as he can. I found it weird that he was wearing shorts. At first I thought that he must have been super hungry and he was getting ready to get some dinner as soon as I got home. Turns out, he made a trip to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner so he could surprise me.

He made us lasagne. I love lasagne. The funny thing is, today before lab I was talking to some friends about dinner and I mentioned that I really wanted lasagne for dinner. I didn’t tell Levi this. I was excited to find lasagne waiting for me at home.

The picture above is of a flower, obviously. Levi brought some flowers home for me the other night. I would probably have taken a picture then, but I had already selected a picture for the day. I don’t think it is appropriate to take a picture back. The flower is large, and very pretty. Unfortunately this picture shows a shortcoming of my camera – pictures tend to come out orange. This flower is actually a burgundy but came out very orange – much like the photos of my niece. Orange or not, I think the picture is beautiful and I am happy that I chose to frame it this way. The flower is large enough that it was easy to frame. I love big flowers, I think they are the prettiest. Small flowers are pretty too, but I really do love the bigger ones more.

Levi and I have to go to the Tacoma Solid Waste Management Facility this weekend. I hope it will be more interesting than it sounds. We are going to learn about products that are better for the environment than some products that we may be using at home. Although, chemical wise, I already use environmentally friendly stuff. I would say the worst thing I do is use an entire roll of paper towels to clean our house. I’m terrible, I know.