Day 15

We had a power outage last night. Right as I went to download the yesterdays photos from my camera the power flickered and then went out. It was most unfortunate. While I do work from a laptop, my aperture library is on an external hard drive connected to the network. What this means, is that during a power outage I can not download my photos into aperture without creating a new library, which is just too much work to deal with. The end result, no photos until this evening.

Above is yesterday’s photo, when it was taken I had no idea I was going to be sitting in the dark, vanilla scented cold of our apartment. You are probably wondering why it was vanilla scented. The answer is that Levi saw fit to light a million tea lights to light up the apartment. At least they smelled nice.Day 16 The power was out for a good 14 hours, I awoke this morning to the sound of the power coming back. There were some casualties involved, unfortunately – the milk has spoiled. The ham in the refrigerator is yet to be determined.

Today’s photo is of some cat nip. We bought the catnip at PetSmart a few weeks ago and set it out on the table for the cats. They went nuts trying to eat the stuff. The few leaves in the photo above are really all that remains of the poor little plant. I have it on the stove for now and am watering it so that it might soon grow back into a large plant again. Being that catnip is part of the mint family, I am positive that it will make a rebound, it will just need some time to get there.

Today in microbiology we learned about disease transmission. It was pretty boring. Levi got lucky, his class was cancelled today. Unfortunately he had to watch some videos for his other class and didn’t really enjoy his time off from class. I am happy that this quarter is almost over, I am very excited for my photography and printmaking classes.