Day 14

Today, Levi and I cleaned up our place. I had gotten a little behind on the cleaning lately. My biggest problem is that our apartment is so large that it is a lot to take care of all at once. That and I have black furniture, so dust just accumulates. If I miss one week of cleaning my furniture starts to look like the surface of the moon. I guess that is the price I pay for pretty furniture.

Levi got Wii Fit today, and I got a house plant. I like the house plant. I might like Wii Fit too, but for now I will just avoid it. I don’t want it to call me obese. Considering how inaccurate the BMI is, even at a healthy weight it will say I am overweight. I can’t avoid it forever, unfortunately.

I am saving up for a new camera, not sure if I have stated that here yet. In the picture above it is very clear that my camera produces noticeable noise at any ISO over 400. There isn’t really anything that can be done about this though, it is a shortcoming of my camera. This is to be expected for a $500 DSLR. I am saving up for the Canon 5D Mark II. I can’t wait until I get it. The 5D Mark II can be considered the best camera on the market right now. As a Canon user I am obviously biased, but that statement holds water even for non Canon users. I am almost there, just a few more months and I will have the camera. It rings in at $3,499 so it isn’t exactly a camera I can just go out and buy. It wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t need a new lens with it, but I do need a new lens. My lens isn’t compatible because the 5D Mark II has a bigger sensor than my current camera.