Day 11

Tonight’s photo is of a stapler. It isn’t all that exciting but it is something. Once again I am relying on angles to make this picture interesting. The stapler has some stickers on it that I bought at a book store a few years ago. This stapler does better imitating an alligator than stapling papers. It came in a set with a hole puncher, tape dispenser, and paperclip holder. The entire set was 8 dollars.

Work today was awful. My least favorite coworker was there and she was being extra special today. I told her she was being immature and she told me she was going to “get fired by punching me.” Nice, huh? I loathe my job. I try to tell myself that I am lucky to have a job, but the entire time I am telling myself this I am wanting to quit. There isn’t much I can do about it, aside from hoping this person gets fired, or quits. Or I could quit, but I would very much love to find a new job before that happens.

Levi and I went to the grocery store tonight and got some Hot Chocolate mix, and are probably going to watch a movie tonight. I am excited that it is almost the weekend and that I have a short day at work tomorrow. I am so frustrated with work that I just need some time off. I think I am going to get going, hopefully tomorrow’s photo is more interesting.