Day 9

Day 9 is most definitely a quickie. I had a busy day today with school and registration so this was what I decided to take a picture of at the last minute. This is my nook, embellished with a photo of my favorite person in the world.

Right now I am currently reading the third book in the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series, I finished the second one today. The third one, entitled Life, the Universe, and Everything seems pretty good so far but it is a little early to tell. I am only on chapter 4. The second in the series, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, was very entertaining; Though not as good as the first, I must say. I enjoy reading these books because they are full of witty humor and they are exciting. It is like science fiction, except more fun. Next quarter I should have plenty of time to read as I will be taking classes from 11am to 6pm on Tuesday and Thursday and will only be working on the other days.

Speaking of next quarter, I registered today and am taking Beginning Photography as planned and Beginning Printmaking. I was unable to take the graphic design class because it was offered in the same time slot as photography. I think printmaking will be interesting and fun. I’ve always found the early methods of printing to be fascinating and I hope the class will be more practical than theoretical. It should be interesting regardless.

Levi and I have been preparing breakfast in the mornings for the last few days, as part of our healthier lifestyle. Tomorrow: French Toast. What this means to you: This entry is over.