Day 8

Levi and I got pizza for dinner tonight. On the way to pick it up I decided to try out a long exposure of the drive there. The above is one of the results. I liked this picture because I think, of all of them, it is the most interesting. I shot these pictures at ISO 100 with a 30 second exposure. This one is my favorite of all of them because of the way the lights streak across the top of the photo.

I would like to experiment some more with this style of photography. I saw a photo where a photographer took a picture with the dash in focus and the lights outside visible through the windshield. I like the idea of the photo and I think I could stage it relatively well. The only issue is that there isn’t a lot of room for error. I would also want to avoid framing the shot so that the driver is in it. Photography is so much more difficult when people are involved. They tend to move unnecessarily.

The pizza was good, by the way. We got it from Little Caesars. I love their cheese pizza, so tasty. I am excited to get registration over with tomorrow. I am happy that winter quarter is going to be easy. I am ready for a break.