Day 4

Day 4’s shot is ultra bad. I set the ISO speed at 400 for yesterday’s picture and forgot to put it back into auto. Coincidentally, this shot and all the others from today are overexposed. I made this shot black and white because it was the only way it was passable as a picture taken with a DSLR and not a tiny point and shoot. I am a little bothered that I didn’t notice this before hand. I guess I will just have to learn from this. That was one of the objectives of starting this project I suppose.

The shot was taken at the Japanese garden on Tacoma Community College’s campus. As far as Japanese gardens go, it is relatively uninspiring. There are definitely better ones elsewhere. Central Washington University’s Japanese garden was much better, it had fish. The fish didn’t come out very often but they were still there.

I guess it doesn’t take a lot to make me happy, a few fish every now and then is all I really need. Hopefully tomorrow’s pictures won’t be so…bright. Maybe there will even be color.