Portland HDR 4

This weekend Levi and I decided to take a day trip to Portland, OR. Although a little boring, the drive wasn’t too bad. We didn’t hit much traffic, just a small amount in a construction zone. When we arrived the first thing we did was find a nice garage to park in, as there is no sense in taking photos out of car windows. There was one casualty involved with the trip, we ran over a McDonald’s cup while backing into the parking spot. I would say that we did well considering how long the drive was.

Once we got out of the car we were both surprised at how quiet the city was. I fully expected the city to be just like Seattle. In Seattle the drivers are rude, and the streets are crowded with a lot of traffic and people, even on Saturdays. Portland was the exact opposite, today. There was almost no traffic entering and leaving the city, and the people seemed extremely nice. In Seattle, if you are trying to cross the street at the same time someone is trying to drive through the intersection, you will likely get run over. In Portland, many people actually stopped and waved us through the intersections. I was amazed to see so many nice happy people.

Making our way through the city, we ended up stumbling upon the Portland Saturday Market. At first I was a little confused at what was going on. Levi and I decided to pass through the market and eventually stopped to get some food inside of it. I thought the concept was fun and everyone there seemed to be enjoying themselves. We eventually left and started walking around some more, ending up in a park. The park was really nice and clean, aside from a can someone had rudely left on the ground. While in the park I decided to try out some more HDR shots, the above is one of the rendered images. I am pleased with the outcome of the image, compared to the original it is vibrant and appealing.

After leaving the aforementioned park, we decided to head back down to where the market was. Levi bought an elephant ear, and we ate it while watching the birds on the river. We decided to wait for the sun to go down so I could capture some long exposures of the bridges all lit up. After waiting about an hour, some sketchy people decided to walk past us on our bench. These people got very close, one walking directly behind us, and the other two closely in front. They were wearing bandanas over their faces and grungy clothes. They kept walking and eventually I noticed that they had sat down about 200 feet away on another bench. I was pretty uncomfortable with them being there so we got up and left. It killed me to give up what could have been a beautiful picture, but I figure our safety is more important.

Puget Sound Long Exposure 3

I did end up getting some long exposures tonight, at a spot looking over the Puget Sound. Levi and I decided to stop at this spot on the way home just to see what I could get. I am very happy with the shots that I got of the sound. One of them is pictured above to the right. I think I might come back to this spot to get some better shots earlier when there is a little more light out. It was so dark that I found it very difficult to get the exposure right, and even in the picture above the exposure isn’t the best.

Tomorrow Levi and I are going to go to my parent’s house to mow their lawn, and then from there I don’t know. I hope I will be able to walk tomorrow after all of the walking that we did today. I wish I had a pedometer. I think it would be cool to see how many steps I have taken on a photography trip.

It’s bed time now.