So, the last few days I decided to take a look at some HDR photography tutorials, when I stumbled upon the blog Stuck in Customs. This blog has tons of beautiful images taken by author Trey Ratcliff. I found this blog while doing a google search for HDR photography tutorials. Upon looking through the content I was inspired by the beautiful pictures throughout the blog. To capture HDR images, one requires a camera that can take photos at different exposures sequentially. I’ve got that part taken care of, my Rebel XS can do this fairly easily, though I have not actually checked my camera to be sure. Another important factor in capturing HDR images is a good sturdy tripod. I don’t have one. A good tripod is necessary so that the camera can capture the sequential images without moving. If the camera moves during the capturing process, not only will the individual photos be blurry, the photos themselves will not overlap perfectly and the process will not work.

I think I am going to convince Levi to let my buy a tripod next payday. I have wanted one for a while but haven’t had the motivation to actually make the purchase. After seeing the beautiful images on Mr. Ratcliff’s blog, I am more than motivated. I really want to experiment with this style of photography. I hope I can find the time in between class, and my busy work schedule to go out and take some shots to experiment with.

Unfortunately, the tripod is not the only thing I need to purchase to start capturing HDR images. The photo editor I use, Aperture 3, does a marvelous job at editing photos, but it does not have built in HDR functionality. The software needed to generate HDR photos averages in the $100 range. I think this is more than fair, considering the high price of photo editing software. At some point, I would also like to snag a copy of Photoshop CS5 while I am still a student.

I think it is time for bed now, I’ve got to work in the morning and I have my first microbiology exam in the evening.