I decided I didn’t like my blog, so I deleted it. After I deleted it, I realized I missed it. So now it is back, sans entries.

The entries are gone forever. They won’t be coming back because I didn’t save them. It isn’t the end of the world, most of them were rubbish anyway. I’m starting fresh.

In the mean time, I’ve got a mess to take care of. I’m not entirely sure when the website will get back to what it was before. I have a midterm and an exam next week, and I should be spending my time studying. Clearly that isn’t what is happening. I’m not as worried about my Microbiology exam as I am about my Communications midterm. I feel like Communications is a bunch of psuedoscientific crap. Naturally, I do not really retain a lot of what I am reading because of that. Maybe I will come across something that isn’t garbage this weekend..maybe.