My family and I went on a little trip to the ocean last weekend, and I took my camera along to see what kind of pictures I could get. I took a lot, but somehow I managed to lose the majority of them. After I had imported the photos, I decided I should clear my memory card on my camera like I usually do; Big Mistake. The majority of the photos I took did not get imported apparently, so I have lost most of the photos, what did manage to make it was a bunch of picture of my uncle’s and father’s motorcycles and a few shots of the sunset. The photos of the sunset produced some pretty fantastic colors and I am really glad my mother happened to glance out the window and notice it was happening. I think I have learned a valuable lesson here: Don’t clear your memory card before you have made sure every photo is intact. Lesson learned.

I lost some pretty cool pictures of driftwood and sand, I did not want to get too close to the ocean for fear of salt water spraying onto my camera; Correction: I did not want to get too close to anything for fear of getting anything on my camera. The last thing I wanted was sand to get onto my lens, I have a UV filter on but even that I do not want to replace because of scratches from sand. I don’t think I will photograph the beach again, I don’t really like beach photos anyway.

The more I photograph outside, the more I wish I had a lens hood for my lens, I am going to have to purchase one. Along with a lens hood I would like to also buy the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4.0-5.6 IS telephoto lens, and a Canon EF 50mm F/1.8 II lens. The combination of all three is a little pricy, and I know I will have to wait on them until I can afford them, for now my 18-55mm handles everything fine. I think I will buy the 50mm first, I think it will be really fun the experiment with, and it is very cheap.