Yesterday at work I got called a “Fat Fucker,” and was told I was a “freak” by a very disgruntled customer. At the time I was in shock that a customer would say such a thing. When he got to the next window of the drive thru he received the drinks for his order, and was then promptly approached by one of our managers who handled the situation further. He refused to give the drinks back and was told he would not accept a refund, and he insisted that he receive the food he had payed for. This manager then refunded him for everything on the order except the drinks, which he refused to give back. Still taken aback by the situation, I continued to work trying to ignore what had just happened. I was afraid I might get chastised for not handling the situation as best as I should have. I apologized to my store manager for not handling the situation better, to which she said “Don’t worry about it, he was clearly having a bad day.” I was later sent home early, still shaking in anger about the situation.

Anyone who knows me will clearly say that I am not a skinny person, and that over the few years I have put on quite a bit of weight (70 pounds to be exact.) It is also no secret that I tend to be a little sensitive about the subject, as before this weight gain I had lost a total of 66 pounds. I started gaining the weight when I went to CWU; I had heard of the “Freshman 15? which for me became the “Freshman and Sophomore 70.” I think the combination of stress, time shortage, and working in fast food have caused most of the problem.

Today, I am on a diet.

I am setting a goal for myself to put the 70 pounds off again, I know I can do it because I have done it before. If I don’t voice the desire publicly it will never happen, which happens to be the same theory I used to get myself to get a haircut (it worked.) I am not upset that I am fat, but I am upset that people see me as a fat person, and not as myself.