Today I deleted my entire music library. Why? Because I was tired of pushing the next button because of all of the music I had acquired from a friend from CWU. Let’s preface this by explaining a little bit about the situation. My friend from CWU had a computer problem and needed to have her laptop replaced. She was upset that she was going to lose all of her music library. I told her “Don’t worry, I can get the music off of your iPod for you and put it onto DVDs.” So I did this with all 8 gigs of her music, and since the music was already populating my hard drive I figure “What the hell..” and kept it. For a while this was a non issue because she has semi good taste in music, and I would just push the next button until I was to a song I finally liked. Now, take that information and fast forward about one year to today. I have grown tired of perpetually pushing the next button every 5 minutes until I have found a song that I actually like.

So I thought to myself: I can remove all of the music I don’t like! And so it began. I foraged through my music collection, terminating all but the music I actually find myself listening to. Once I was all done I had felt accomplished. At that point, I took the files left over and moved then to another folder so that I could repopulate the library of another music application that would sync with my phone. After doing this, I realized that the library of the other music app did in fact populate, but it did not repopulate entirely. I was left with a jumbled mess of what was my old iTunes library, and triplicates of multiple songs, of which one was the only working copy.

Once I had realized this, I decided to just scrap the other music player all together so I deleted all of the files I had moved to the new folder. Now normally, I would have checked to see if I still had the files in the original folder I had moved them from before deleting them and subsequently emptying my trash can. But I didn’t because I was so tired from only getting 6 hours of sleep. In my half-awake rage against my iTunes library I had forgotten over the course of 10 minutes that I had not copied my files, only moved them. At this point when I realized what I had done I was frantic! I had spent good money on most of my music collection and I was not ready to lose it. I still enjoyed most of it!

In a panic, I summoned the great gods of google and tried to find something…anything that could recover trashed files. And from this, I learned a very valuable lesson: I do not value my data to the extent that hard-drive recovery software developers think I should. Apparently, people will spend anywhere from 100 to 300 dollars on applications that may recover their last files….key word here: may. There is no guarantee it will work. Being the educated individual that I am, I put my brain into action. (Something I had neglected to do prior to the incident) What came out was pure genius: I could extract the files from my iPod! So that is what I did. I now have my music back (not all of it, just the stuff I want,) and I did not have to spend over $100 dollars to get it!

Moral of the story: Don’t empty your trash can until you are fully aware that there is a separate copy available somewhere, or you are 100% sure you do not need the files contained within. Also file organization should now me attempted on less than optimum amounts of sleep.

P.S. I aced my Chemistry and Biology finals on less than optimum amounts of sleep and study. From this I conclude that computers and education are not interrelated. (Also, this is my opportunity to brag about my 3.85 GPA.) WIN!