Yesterday, Levi and I went to ikea to get a new side table for our living room. I really liked the one we have in our bedroom, and I wanted one to put a lamp on in our living room. We went to Ikea only expecting to spend 8 dollars on a new side table, and a few dollars on some plants.

When we got to the bedding section, we started looking around. I really like bedding for some reason. We saw a really nice duvet cover that we both liked, and since our cat has destroyed our walmart set we bought when we moved into our apartment, we got it! We also made the purchase of a new down comforter to put into the duvet cover, and some pillows that were originally for our couch but I decided to try it out on the bed instead. We are very pleased with the quality of the duvet cover for the price. It cost $29.99, much cheaper than comparable covers that can be found at other stores. (Seriously though, how can people justify $200 dollars for something that needs another piece of bedding for be useful?) Anyway, our first night with the new comforter was very nice. It is warm, and very comfortable. Luckily it matched the sheets we already have (I like them, they are from target and they are organic cotton…very soft!)

Once we were done making the bed and testing it out, I began to study for my biology test which is tonight. I think I have it all down so far, and I am hoping praying I can do better than the C+ I got on my last exam. I think I will do better this time. I really feel like I have a good understanding of the topics (cellular respiration, and photosynthesis,) but I can never be too sure. All I can do is hope for the best.

I tried to pay off my credit card today with my debit card, and as it turns out, Bank of America won’t let me do that. The only options I have are a Pay by Phone service (with a $15 dollar charge,) or paying by mail. Since I have not yet received my bill I opted for the pay by phone service which will supposedly be credited tonight. I am a little frustrated that my bank is Nickel & Diming me, but there isn’t anything I can do about it. I need my bank account and my Credit Card (check cashing fees are worse anyways, assholes..)

It is time for me to get ready to go to class. I hope I am ready for my exam..