After a few weeks of school I am beginning to feel the stress of being a bad student. I have oodles of reading I am behind on, and lots of work I still have to do. I got my grade back from my first biology exam, and it was less than pleasing. I received a C+ and I am not too excited. I didn’t know as much of the material I thought I did, and coupled with quite a few stupid mistakes, it turned out to be less than satisfactory. Although, the essay section was perfect.

In chemistry, we took our second exam yesterday night. I think I did well, but at the same time I thought the same about my biology exam. Overall I think I nailed it. I hope…

Levi and I have both gotten gym memberships. I was not too happy when I weighed myself and realized I was back to 250 pounds. A few years ago I was very happy at 206, but a few stressful years of school since have really made things go bad. Levi tells me I am perfect every day which is sweet, but I don’t feel like it most of the time. I love that he loves me still.

As for the post title, don’t buy knock-off lemon lime soda….it tastes awful. Like poison.

Edit – 2013: It didn’t really taste like poison. Young Stephen was just a dumbass.