Levi and I are getting into the first week of class this week and so far it has been okay. I have been going to class everyday, and the commute isn’t so bad. Although crazy lady who almost rear ended me and then proceeded to blame all of her problems on me through my back window didn’t make the commute any easier (thanks bitch.)

So far I am enjoying biology. My professor is very good at teaching, and it really makes the class easier. At first I was a little nervous being this is my first quarter of taking college level science classes, but overall it isn’t that bad. My chemistry teacher leaves much to be desired. He is a nice person, but his teaching method is scattered and disconnected, and if I didn’t already know the material I would be at a loss. I hope that it gets better in the future. My first set of exams came back as expected in these two classes, and I am excited to get on with school and make my life what I want it to be.

My knees hurt from walking up to the third floor.