There used to be a photo of my cat here. Why are you reading this anyway?

This is Bella, moments after violating my keyboard. Bitch.

I have my first real chemistry lab today which I am not too excited for, and I have an exam on monday which I just looked at the study guide for. I don’t think they will be too hard but I know that I am going to have a long boring weekend. I can’t afford to do bad on the exam because I need a B in the class to get into the nursing program at TCC. At central I didn’t ever really have to worry about things like this because these sort of competitive programs didn’t exist there. I guess it isn’t such a bad thing to try hard to do well on something, I am just not used to it. That and I want to spend time with Levi and not with my Biology book. I guess I have to learn to get over myself and suck it up. Oh well, it could be worse.

I am currently procrastinating getting ready, I still haven’t taken a shower and stuff. I also need to scoop Bella’s litter box (how does one tiny kitten crap that much.) She gets her kitty litter everywhere, it is a little frustrating. Walking into our bathroom is like entering a sandbox, and that stuff does not sweep up very well. I am going to have a lot of cleaning to do tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to the bathroom. Stupid messy kitty. I love her though.

I can’t wait to see Levi. He didn’t charge his phone last night because he was too tired to look for it, so now we are emailing instead of the usual text messaging. I am not used to checking it so I am not getting his messages until late. (Sorry honey.)

Anyway, kitty scooping time.